There’s a mistake on my flight reservation. Can you change it?

We’re just humans so sometimes we book the wrong dates and airports. If this happens, just email us and we will book your new flights for FREE. The changes should match the form that we received. (No change of one’s name to another!)

Is this service refundable?

Only if the ticket is not

Do I have to pay for the full flight fee when I get my visa?

No. You only pay for the reservation fee which comes with FREE AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION.

Where do you get the flight reservation?

We get it from our partner travel agency who books legitimate tickets from accredited airlines

I want to change my dates or destinations, what should I do?

Just email us. You are all entitled to at least one FREE correction depending on the service you’ve ordered.

Can I book 3 or more flights?

Sure. Remember that there is a $25 charge for each additional leg.

Can I have our names in one flight reservation?

Sure! We can reserve all of you in one flight reservation but remember that we charge per person.

Does this service apply to any kind of visa application?

Yes. It works for all kinds of visa. Anyone who needs to apply for any kind of visa can use this service for their flight and hotel reservations. You can use it for Schengen Visa, US Visa, Japan Visa, UK Visa, etc.

Do I have to email you to cancel my flights?

No you don’t have to email us for cancellation. Cancellation is FREE. We will manage the cancellation as part of our service. You don’t have to worry or think about it.

When is the best time to order a flight reservation?

You can order your flight and/or hotel reservations as soon as you want but it’s best to order it around a 3-5 days before your visa application schedule.

How can I check if my flight itinerary is valid?

Each flight reservation comes with a unique and 100% valid reservation code called PNR (Passenger Name Record). Read here.